Transfiguration Monastery

Offering hospitality to guests is a very important part of our Benedictine practice. In Chapter 53 of his Rule, St. Benedict stipulates that all guests are to be received as Christ, who said, "I was a stranger, and you welcomed me." (Mt. 25:35)

Because of the pandemic, we cannot offer hospitality as described below at this time. As of January, 2021, we have three guest spaces: the main guest house, and two hermitages, one of which was our former chaplain's residence.  We can welcome one guest in each space; more in the main guest house, if the guests are already part of the same household. We are currently asking guests to bring and prepare their own food and to avoid socializing with guests in the other guest spaces. Regretfully, we are asking guests not to join us for the Divine Office as long as the current spike in COVID cases continues. Please call the monastery or check this space for updates.

Our guest house is open to people of all faiths for individual and group retreats and days of recollection. We also welcome writers looking for a quiet place to work, as well as out-of town guests who come to Windsor for family reunions, graduations or other local events. We provide a home-cooked "main meal" at noon, in addition to staples with which overnight guests can make their own breakfast and supper. The guest house has five single bedrooms, one double room, a living room, kitchen and three shared bathrooms. We also have two guest hermitages, each consisting of a one-room cabin with a kitchen area and bathroom with shower. 

Guests are welcome to attend all of our worship services. A sister is available by appointment for spiritual direction. Group retreats can include one or two conferences by a sister, if the group so desires.